Wicklow GAA seek new referees

Wicklow Referee administrator Kieron Kenny is hoping to run a course for new referees in Wicklow in the coming weeks.

The aim aim is to put a plan in place to meet refereeing needs within the  County in the future and at present as numbers are just not there at the moment to fulfill all juvenile fixtures. A new recruitment committee is to be formed to seek out those interested in the coming weeks.

This new committee is being chaired by Kieron Kenny Referee Administrator. With the growth in popularity of Gaelic Games, the demand for match officials is increasing. With almost two thousand games being played in our county on an annual basis, the role of the referee is a very important cog of the wheel to ensure all games take place.

Basic Club Referee Training Courses are provided by trained Referee Tutors.

Training as a Club Referee involves the following modules:
Rules of Specification / The Play / Scores/ Powers and Duties of the Referee Technical Fouls / Set Play / Aggressive Fouls / Dissent / Referee’s Report / Rules Test / Fitness Test

Modules are “classroom” based and involve attendance and participation by the prospective referees. A timed Rules Test is centrally organised by Croke Park, which the participants complete “on-line”, with a pass-mark set which must be achieved for successful progression

An initial trial Fitness Test, i.e. a “BANGSBO or BEEP Test” will be used to familiarise new entrants with the levels required. A standard test will be used later in the year to monitor progression with a view to the achievement of a minimum standard required for qualification.

Following completion of the Training Course the successful candidate is certified as qualified by Coiste Réiteoirí Contae Cill Mhantain as Réiteoir Chlub or Club Level Referee. It is recommended for Foundation Referees to be appointed to referee games up to and including U15 for a period.

We are now seeking applications from interested individuals, who are considering taking up the role as Club Referee and applications must be submitted on the relevant Application Form which is available online on the Wicklow GAA website.

All clubs who do not currently have a referee in their club are encouraged to trawl their membership for prospective candidates. If you or anybody in your club has an interest in taking up the whistle please contact Kieron at 083 0056176 or any of the committee.

Please fill out the form below and return it to Kieron Kenny, Centre of excellence, Ballinakill, Rathdrum.

New Referee form

Why Become a GAA Referee?
• Stay involved with the game as an alternative to playing
• Fitness – It’s a great way to keep fit
• Ambition – could you referee a County Final or even an All-Ireland?
• Learn more about the game
• Give Something Back– offers players, at the end of their playing days, the opportunity to continue in the sport
• Personal Development – helps to develop personal skills that are of value in all walks of life

What qualities are required to become a GAA Referee?
• Good knowledge of the playing rules
• Be physically and mentally fit
• Have the ability to remain calm
• Have the moral courage to take decisions which are correct