GAA Top Brass Have Change of Heart….

Have the GAA found a solution?

In sensational breaking news, the GAA have announced a new incentive for those perceived to be the weaker counties to get over their disappointment to the introduction of the ‘Super 8’ football format. There has been noticeable unrest amongst a lot of county delegates, management and players after Congress 2017 passed the controversial new plans. Although the initial displeasure of being left behind seems to have abated somewhat this latest announcement will go some to healing relationships amongst life-long friends and delegates who haven’t spoken since Congress.

A place will now be set aside for the successful county to come through a new qualifying process that will see one member of each county panel or a nominated former county player participate in a dancing competition loosely based on the recent Dancing with the stars’ series which proved so successful for RTE. It will be named ‘Dancing to the Quarters’ and it will be hoped that it could air on a Thursday night.

A spokesman for the GAA said “Watching Aidan O’Mahony perform so well in the series finale was the final push that was needed for the GAA hierarchy to have a change of heart and offer the weaker counties an olive branch of sorts”. “Aidan was a credit to the GAA and his footwork was as impressive all through the series as it had been on the playing fields all over Ireland in his fine career” he continued. The likelihood is that the ‘Super 8’ will now become the ‘Super 7’ and the qualifier will come through over two heats of dancing in August.

RTE are said to be ‘over the moon’ with the news and are now hastily looking for judges with O’Mahony hotly tipped to be one of the three. Des Cahill who also took part in the RTE version and his Sunday Game colleague Joe Brolly are rumoured to be the other two but nothing is definite as yet. Derry native Brolly of course is no stranger in expressing his opinions. There is a fear that SKY may come with a late bid to steal the rights with a GAA spokesman saying “Everything has a price as we know, SKY have been very good for the GAA, we have got loads of Euro’s from them in the past and we won’t turn them away from any negotiations, we will squeeze them both as tight as we can and the money will be invested back in to the grassroots of the association” he said with a knowing nod and a wink. The GAA hope to hold the dance offs in Croke Park giving players from every county their chance to showcase their talents in headquarters.

It is thought now that plans are already underway for a new group called the GDA to be formed. The Gaelic Dancers Association will negotiate the best deal possible for all the dancers with hair products, fake tan, waxing paraphernalia, dancing clogs and sequined shirts thought to be top of their list of requirements. Coming so soon after the formation of the CPA and with the GPA also very active pretty soon all the players’ travelling expenses will be gone in union dues.

Wicklow will see this as a real chance to reach the latter stages of the championship with Wicklow town native Sean Smullen one of the stars of this year’s show expected to be brought in by the county board to offer expert assistance. The players of every county will dedicate 15 minutes at training each night to prepare for the possibility of not making the ‘Super7’.

The official launch of the new format will be April 1st 2018 to coincide with the first year of the proposed change in the All-Ireland Football Championship.